Frequently Asked Questions


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National Accident Protector
1.  What is the eligible age for National Accident Protector?

Eligible age is from 16 years old to 60 years old (last entry age at 60 years old). Renewable up to age 65 years old.

Upon reaching aged 65, we will not invite for renewal.

2.  Can foreigners purchase National Accident Protector?
Yes, as long as they have a valid employment pass or dependent's pass.
3.  Does the National Accident Protector cover treatment by Sinseh or Traditional treatments?

Yes, medical expenses including expenses incurred for Sinseh or Traditional Treatments bills are claimable. The maximum claimable is B$25.00 per treatment per visit, subject to a limit of B$250.00 per accident.

4.  I am a retiree. Am I eligible to take up Weekly Benefit?

No, insured who are currently not working are not accepted for Weekly Benefit. This also applies to housewives, student and unemployed.

5.  I have met an accident before, can I still buy National Accident Protector?

You will have to provide us with the details of your accident, such as when it happened, the cause of the accident and the medical treatment that you received. Our underwriters will access your condition and contact you on their decision.

6.  I have more than one personal accident policy with a few insurance companies. If I were to meet with an accident, am I entitled to claim from all the insurance companies?

Yes, you can. But in the case of Accidental Medical Expenses, we will only reimburse you up to the amount if you have not already been reimbursed under any other policy or from other insurance companies.

7.  Can a person claim compensation on medical expenses if he is warded in the hospital as a result of illness?
No, he can claim compensation on medical expenses for injury resulting from accidents only.
8.  I am currently working on an oil rig, can I buy National Accident Protector?
No, you can't. Oil rig workers are excluded occupation under this policy.
9. Are there any specific occupational exclusions under your National Accident Protector?

The following are excluded occupations which are not covered by the National Accident Protector: divers, police, army/military, law enforcement officers, aircraft testers, pilot or crew, seaman, sea fisherman, racing drivers, jockeys, oil rig workers, sawyers, timber logging workers, firemen, war correspondents, steeplejacks, stevedores, persons engaged in demolition of buildings, persons engaged in ambulance services, woodworking machinists, explosive handlers, underground tunneling and mining and professional sportsmen.