Frequently Asked Questions


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Marine Cargo Protector
1.  What is Marine Cargo Protector?

Marine Cargo Protector is a marine cargo insurance insuring the transportation of goods from one place to another. The mode of conveyance can be by sea, air and/or road.

2.  Why should I buy marine cargo protector?
Marine cargo insurance gives you peace of mind as it offers protection against losses/damages to goods during transportation.
3.  What is the information needed to get a quotation?

The information required are: company's name, nature of business, proforma invoice, type of cargo and whether they are brand new or used items, value of cargo, voyage, mode of conveyance, claims experience for the past 3 years.

4.  What are the types of coverage that are available?

Three types of coverage are available, namely the Institute Cargo Clauses (A), (B) and (C). Briefly, clause (A) covers all risks of loss or damage to cargo except those excluded by the standard exclusions, such as delay, ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary wear and tear, insufficient and unsuitable packing and inherent vice. Institute Cargo Clauses (B) and (C) provide less comprehensive coverage compared to Clauses (A).